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  The procedure, supported by General Exploration Fund (GRF) less than Exploration Grants Council , would be the initial computerized haptic technique expertise in Hong Kong.
  Nasogastric intubation, via the nostril as well as throat, is really an vital clinical treatment for inserting a plastic tube in the abdomen for feeding or drainage. Nonetheless, the placement is usually a blind process wherein the tube could possibly be misplaced and could direct to unanticipated complications or fatal incidents. For this reason, the instruction of placement techniques is essential to every nursing pupil.
The Master of Science in Nursing also includes mental health nursing polyu.
  Traditional teaching in NGT placement contains lecturing the theories in classroom, followed by small-group clinical training with instructors demonstrating the practical skills. The hands-on learning of expertise is often done on low-fidelity mannequins. The mannequins are unable to reply to the user, render human anatomy realistically and supply the particular feeling of insertion forces.
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  To deal with these restrictions, a computerized digital schooling method is produced with the University of Nursing of polyU with the application of drive models to simulate NGT insertion and render the feedback forces by means of a haptic system. Two techniques have been made use of to determine the force required. The very first strategy is "Engineering Mechanics", which involves the numerical calculation with the forces between the NGT as well as the nasogastric passage like they had been constructions in engineering style. The other is "Expert System", leveraging the know-how and knowledge of pro nursing gurus to compute the forces. Using these strategies, the technique can simulate the insertion forces at distinctive areas alongside the nasogastric passage, in addition as the static and dynamic friction among the NGT and the nasogastric passage throughout the insertion procedure.
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